Friday, October 12, 2012

Laura and Andrei

I met another Laura, a second Laura in my life, first one is among my best friends. This Laura is Laura Tanase and she left Calarasi, my hometown, five years ago. Since then she lived in Dublin with her husband and her son, Andrei. I met her in Calarasi many years ago, before she left, but I have never really known her that well. I was amazed by her strong personality and determination in everything she does. It seems that I like all the "Laura" of my life.



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sclipcea Floarea

Sclipcea Floarea lives in a village at the border with Bulgaria, Esechioi. She had 14 children, 2 died and 11 were taken by the child's protection. She has now only the last born child, who is 5 months old and one of the oldest, who was in prison for murder and was recently released. In the same house lives Marian, her partner and also her mother who moved with them to help Floarea with the child.

This is one of my ongoing projects. I will go back to it every time I am in Romania, as Esechioi is a very dear place for me.

Minerva bar

Pictures from the bar Minerva that I didn't use in my selection from the site. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Constantin Nicolae

                                         Constantin Nicolae 76 years old.

home of elderly people

I went back to the home of elderly people.

from my summer

Looking over some photos taken during my summer,  I found this. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


One of my family's dog, Bubu, is always with me, wherever I go and always on my right side. Strange dog, this Bubu.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


While I was taking pictures in the Home of Elderly People, I felt ashamed at one point that I am spending so much time and energy and taking so many pictures of people that I hardly know but with my own grandmothers I don't have that many photos. My grandmother's older sister is 88 years old but she is more open minded in many cases than a younger person of 28.  "Mamaia Nonola" (Granny Nonola), as we call her, always surprises me. She is from a family of 10 children and her mother died when she gave birth to the last child. After that Mamaia Nonola had to take care of the house and bringing up the other brothers and sisters. She didn't go to school, her father decided to send to school only the boys of the family, therefore she can't read or write. Explaining her that I want pictures with her, she paid attention to my words and after a few minutes of silence she said out loud : "I grasp what you mean, you want a story of me in pictures because I am special" 

Six months ago she had an eye surgery and the doctor told her then to wear sunglasses to protect the eye for  two weeks. She still wears them. 

Waiting for the Easter night, to go to church, Nonola spends time talking with her nephews.