Sunday, February 23, 2014

guilty pleasure as a private performance

The last guilty pleasure was more of a private performance. It was body writing and painting as a form of therapy. Without realizing I took part at it. While she was painting, we were chatting and I was speaking about photography that I don't think nowadays a Lewis Hine can exist anymore, but I like to take pictures that might change something, even a thought of a person.

... I was asked about my future project and why, and then I had to write myself on her body "sick at 6 months old" and "blood donation" ...

thank you...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Too Early, too weekend ...

My Saturday morning was with beautiful light, SUN ...almost spring sun and it was with the actor Jon Kiriac and with his wife Tatiana Mejia, the second choreographer in my life, after my own sister.
Sleepy Ionut in the beginning and freezing Tatiana till the end.
Too early for all of us ... but the light was worth it

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bubu and Minerva Bar

Dogs at Minerva have a special status...
My whole family loves dogs and we have a few. In the back of the bar is always one around.
But the smartest dog is Bubu. He holds the role of the family's protector. Bubu, normally, is not allowed in the bar with the clients,only when I take pictures he comes along. He is always behind me or next to me, therefore almost never in the frame. If anybody comes really close to me, he starts to bark and bite, he is the most crazy dog we have ever had. Or, I would rather say he is the sensitive one, as he has seen the light from the end of the tunnel : ). He was poisoned twice, every time he recovered but he became stranger, more possessive and attached to us...
I realize that none of the photos taken in the bar are without Bubu behind or next to me.
          My two "protectors" inside the Bar: my uncle and Bubu

While my aunt is waiting for clients, Bubu gets the honor to sit on the chair

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everybody smokes

Too much smoke...
Everybody smokes around me...
Photos taken probably in the darkest place...Boddinale

Monday, February 10, 2014

can you give me the look?

While photographing guilty pleasure I try many things, smiles, serious and guilty looks...and then looks that you would give in specific moments... looks that mean something, playful - naughty - devilish, all of these in ONE LOOK. I guess I am playing because I know how important it is for me the gaze, the look.
I went to see Anna today and she was with her guilty pleasure right in front of her. I have asked her if I can take a picture of her and if she can look at me.
Well, this is the LOOK! any of them ...pick one!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

back to Calarasi

Here it is a place, where I could take only a few pictures and for the rest I could just look around...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Surprise party for Aleca...30

My first surprise party I guess. Aleca will be 30 soon and her mother came from Romania to be with her on this day and to appear at her door at the surprise party given by her friends. I was very tired today but I don't regret that I push my limits to go there. Very beautiful moments to see somebody cry so sincerely of happiness.  See the rest...disco colorful lights. Perfect place for my need of colors...


photo by Aurelian Cafadaru
                                                           photo by Aurelian Cafadaru