Saturday, June 23, 2012


While I was taking pictures in the Home of Elderly People, I felt ashamed at one point that I am spending so much time and energy and taking so many pictures of people that I hardly know but with my own grandmothers I don't have that many photos. My grandmother's older sister is 88 years old but she is more open minded in many cases than a younger person of 28.  "Mamaia Nonola" (Granny Nonola), as we call her, always surprises me. She is from a family of 10 children and her mother died when she gave birth to the last child. After that Mamaia Nonola had to take care of the house and bringing up the other brothers and sisters. She didn't go to school, her father decided to send to school only the boys of the family, therefore she can't read or write. Explaining her that I want pictures with her, she paid attention to my words and after a few minutes of silence she said out loud : "I grasp what you mean, you want a story of me in pictures because I am special" 

Six months ago she had an eye surgery and the doctor told her then to wear sunglasses to protect the eye for  two weeks. She still wears them. 

Waiting for the Easter night, to go to church, Nonola spends time talking with her nephews.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


My mother has 6 dogs. Each of them has a specific story. Going through pictures tonight I found these photos of Roxette, which I do consider to be one of the ugliest dog ever and not friendly at all. She was taken, actually stolen from a yard where the owner was beating and not feeding her so she has some problems interacting with human beings.
I don't understand why but my mother loves her the most, therefore here is Roxette, you can not touch her, you can not play with her but still she is loved.