Monday, March 24, 2014

a guilty pleasure harder to guess

Well, it's wearing the African clothes in Berlin, outside of her house.

same Brenda from the snow, my favorite Brenda ...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pleasure? Guiltiness?...then it's guilty pleasure

What brings you pleasure? do you feel guilty somehow about it?...then it's guilty pleasure

 I am doing this residency for the Square Magazine and the project is called guilty pleasure.
 My wish was to capture people in their own environment with this "thing" (object, habit, anything) that brings pleasure and guiltiness at the same time. I have some portraits that are dealing with behavior or gestures: biting finger nails, sadness or anger and others, that just have to do with the objects that we can't stop buying or food that we can not stop eating or just something that we consume.

 How guilty does each individual feels for his pleasure that he/she might hide somehow can vary from 1% to 100%.

I am coming to an end with this project soon, or at least for the magazine, because it needs to be published. But I don't know if I can stop myself taking pictures  after two or three months if I hear a guilty pleasure striking or interesting around me. Could this be my guilty pleasure? the guilty pleasures of others?

These are some of the photos, not final for any edit but just taken randomly for this post.

Monday, March 3, 2014

quantum mechanics

Today something reminded me, once again, how fascinated I am by people, who excel in a specific field and this field is completely different from everything I have studied or tried so far. The more chemistry, physics or computers one person is dealing with, the more curious and fascinated I am.

The most interesting experience of this kind I had when I was photographing for my MA project, Dr. Professor Sandu Popescu  from University of Bristol, UK. He is one of the world's foremost experts in the field of Quantum Information theory, and also in the foundations of quantum mechanics. Dr. Popescu worked on many  aspects of quantum theory, ranging from the very fundamental, to designing practical experiments such as the first quantum teleportation experiment, that took place on 4th of July 1997.

Why I was photographing him? Because professor Sandu Popescu is born in Oradea, Romania and he is one of the Romanians - positive examples, as this is how I started my project Mother Romania.
To go in the laboratories of the University with his guidance was one of the most  interesting experience and day of my life so far...

panoramic Georgia

Cleaning my external hard drive...

I took pictures in Georgia with a panoramic camera, which I don't even remember where it is right now. I sort of lost it along the way. I went in Georgia three years ago for a short film workshop and I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, as this was not the purpose of my stay there, but among the pictures taken are also these ones...