Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pleasure? Guiltiness?...then it's guilty pleasure

What brings you pleasure? do you feel guilty somehow about it?...then it's guilty pleasure

 I am doing this residency for the Square Magazine and the project is called guilty pleasure.
 My wish was to capture people in their own environment with this "thing" (object, habit, anything) that brings pleasure and guiltiness at the same time. I have some portraits that are dealing with behavior or gestures: biting finger nails, sadness or anger and others, that just have to do with the objects that we can't stop buying or food that we can not stop eating or just something that we consume.

 How guilty does each individual feels for his pleasure that he/she might hide somehow can vary from 1% to 100%.

I am coming to an end with this project soon, or at least for the magazine, because it needs to be published. But I don't know if I can stop myself taking pictures  after two or three months if I hear a guilty pleasure striking or interesting around me. Could this be my guilty pleasure? the guilty pleasures of others?

These are some of the photos, not final for any edit but just taken randomly for this post.

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