Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bubu and Minerva Bar

Dogs at Minerva have a special status...
My whole family loves dogs and we have a few. In the back of the bar is always one around.
But the smartest dog is Bubu. He holds the role of the family's protector. Bubu, normally, is not allowed in the bar with the clients,only when I take pictures he comes along. He is always behind me or next to me, therefore almost never in the frame. If anybody comes really close to me, he starts to bark and bite, he is the most crazy dog we have ever had. Or, I would rather say he is the sensitive one, as he has seen the light from the end of the tunnel : ). He was poisoned twice, every time he recovered but he became stranger, more possessive and attached to us...
I realize that none of the photos taken in the bar are without Bubu behind or next to me.
          My two "protectors" inside the Bar: my uncle and Bubu

While my aunt is waiting for clients, Bubu gets the honor to sit on the chair

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