Monday, January 6, 2014

My guilty of them

One of my guilty pleasures is FRENCH FRIES. I eat today and die tomorrow or go to emergency room, they are poison for me but still I am unstoppable sometimes...I just want french fries and fuck it, I will not live as long as a turtle.
I don't know if this is what I wanted and I still want from all the people I take pictures of for my project...but definitely, I am in a way more relaxed ... it's only me and my camera and I hope people don't get tired of me as I did close to the end.

It's exhausting to take self-portraits and this is my second time....

The small video, with hundred photos, I made it for my mother, to make her laugh, because she complains she hasn't seen me lately in any photos. It seems like I don't send enough photos with me back home. I hope now it's enough : ) ... together with Drive - REM, my favorite song ever ...

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