Thursday, June 1, 2017

children's day

With every child, who comes into my life, I feel it's like a revival of the "child in me". 
I can go so close to the children's status and so fast in matters of seconds. I am an aunt for two years now. Chloe is so witty and so loving everybody in her own way that I find it hard to catch her in photos. 
She is wearing dresses, hugging, exercising with her mother and if you are not playing with her, she starts to play with you and you can not refuse. 
I don't want to publish photos with her but still ... I couldn't stop myself with these, in which she is somehow just passing in front of the camera.

I visit her and returning to Berlin, for a few days I realized that I walk like her around the much I miss her!

Happy Birthday to all children and not only! 

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