Friday, June 23, 2017

Snail and Fruits

I took the girls from kindergarten after a heavy rain in the city. On our way back home, we found a snail, and we took pictures...each girl, one picture with the snail. Mira didn't want to go out of the frame when it was Anna's turn. Anna pushed her, but nothing changed, Mira is stubborn, then a picture together. We saved the snail, we took it from the sidewalk and put it on grass. Afterwards they asked if I brought them something sweet and instead of candies, I showed them the fruits. After a shock and faces that were almost crying, they passed the bad moment fast and started to eat the fruits. Mira picked the pear and Anna the nectarine...till we got upstairs to their home and they asked again for the candies. This time from the secret place, from where their mother allow them to choose three candies daily.
...nobody wanted the apricot, so it was mine...I ate it! I love apricots!

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